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What does Kristyl Media do?

At our core, we are all about the local businesses thriving in all market conditions.

The facts are, this past year was a real struggle for the small/medium-size businesses. The government’s obituary lock-downs and mandates to shutter just about all small to medium-sized businesses, and the hardship that followed put an unbelievable financial burden on those businesses and put a real chip on our shoulders. As a business owner you had to ask the question, as we did, “just how do big-box retailers like Walmart, Safeway, Kroger Foods, Costco, Lowe’s, and Home Depot get away with having thousands of customers parade around their stores but the local businesses have to close until further notice”? Unreal and not explainable in our opinion!!

Today the chip on our shoulders drives the ambition to create for the local business affordable modern-day automated systems and tools that turn leads into appointments and then into customers. Our client’s customers are then retained by way of automated conversations over time creating a higher customer retention rate.

We use technology and our proven software products to facilitate and automate the marketing/conversation processes. And here's the thing, we provide a method to consolidate all of the marketing/conversations for our clients and their customers into one cohesive and centralized hub.

Additionally, we provide ongoing training, consultation, marketing strategies, and support to our local business clients helping them scale a more profitable business.

We work closely with local business clients within the Cleaning Industry to develop and implement proven, hands-on winning strategies that produce results.

Time to take action, and put the "chip on our shoulders" to work for you. Let’s have a conversation at your earliest convenience.

To your abundant success,

KM Marketing Team

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